Sliding Glass Door

Half the story of enjoying sliding glass doors is to be sure they are installed correctly. The rest has to do with the door’s quality and the quality of services. If we are talking about a sliding glass door in Scarborough, Ontario, nothing of the above will ever be an issue.

Why? Because you now know us and with our team, nothing goes wrong and everything falls into place with tip-top services.

At Windows & Doors Scarborough, we know all there is to know about sliding systems. After all, we are in this business for a long time – the number one name for the service, distribution, and installation of sliding glass doors. Both interior and sliding glass patio doors in Scarborough. You tell us what you want and we make it happen – nice & easy.

Time to get a new patio sliding glass door in Scarborough?

Sliding Glass Door Scarborough

In Scarborough, sliding glass door replacement services are offered quickly. Especially if we are talking about patio doors. Whatever your reason for having decided to replace the existing patio glass slide doors, reach us. This may anything from damage to remodel and upgrade. On all occasions, we offer solutions and send pros to take measurements.

The process is similar when it comes to new sliding glass door installation jobs. To offer maximum comfort, we suggest solutions for high energy efficiency and security – durable frames, good sealing options, gas fillers for spacers, triple and double glass panes – to give you an idea. Should we put all that on the table, focus on your particular requirements, and offer you a free estimate? Contact us.

Want interior sliding glass doors?

Tell us if you are planning an interior sliding glass door Scarborough project. Although we often associate sliding glass doors with patio doors, they are used indoors too. Besides, slide doors take minimum space compared to swing doors. And there are enough slide door types to suit all space requirements – pocket, bi-fold, etc. Indoors, the glass doesn’t have to have the features of exterior slide doors but will still be durable and tempered, for absolute safety. If you want interior glass sliding doors, let’s talk details.

Seeking solutions to glass sliding door problems?

Do you want nothing of the above but simply the glass of your sliding doors replaced? Is the glass broken? Is this a single glass pane and you want double glazing? Is the sliding door not working well and you suspect a problem with the wheels or the track? Whatever the problem and whatever your service request, make your inquiry today and let our team handle your Scarborough sliding glass door repair service.