Sliding Doors

The beauty of slide doors is that they hardly occupy any space, are convenient, can lock, are found in multiple styles. If you are considering getting sliding doors in Scarborough, Ontario, let our company take over. To enjoy the advantages of slide doors, you need to make sure you get exactly what you need and the installation is done to perfection.

With Windows & Doors Scarborough, you don’t have concerns about quality. With experience in slide doors of all types and all relevant services, we ensure complete customer satisfaction. So, tell us. Do you want new patio doors? Or, have troubles with the existing ones and want them fixed? We are ready to cover all local service requests. Let us show you.

Troubles with the Scarborough sliding doors? Repair techs on the way

Sliding Doors

Always remember that the moment you face troubles with the sliding doors, Scarborough’s fastest team will be fully prepared to take action. So, care to tell us what’s wrong? Are you struggling to open the slide door? Is it not closing firmly? It won’t lock? Have you noticed some damage with the track or the wheels? Get in touch with us.

We swiftly send techs to provide the necessary sliding door repair service. And the techs not only come out on the double but fully equipped to replace components, make adjustments, fix any problem. Why don’t you call us? Don’t you want your sliding door fixed swiftly & well? Whether this is an internal slide door or a patio door, count on our speedy response.

Want sliding patio doors installed? Have no concerns whatsoever

Feel free to contact our team if you seek experts in sliding door installation services in Scarborough. You can trust our company whether you want a sliding door replaced or plan a completely fresh installation at a new construction. In either case, we send pros to check the location, see what you want, take measures.

It’s vital that all these initial steps are taken with the utmost accuracy, particularly if we are talking about the installation of sliding patio doors. But let us assure you. Our team shows as much zeal and professionalism when it comes to the installation of internal sliding doors too.

Need some other sliding door service? Share your needs with us

Not only are we experts in all sliding doors – wooden pocket doors, French sliding doors, patio sliding glass doors, but also all services too. If you want a sliding door replaced, inspected, repaired, or installed, just say so. Why don’t you? We are affordable, punctual, honest, and experienced with all sliding doors, Scarborough’s number one team. Want to tell us what you are looking for now?