Glass Doors

Repairs and services as well as replacements and installations of glass doors in Scarborough, Ontario, can all be trusted to our company. We are glass door experts, specialize in all projects, and are available for complete services in Scarborough.

Windows & Doors Scarborough is the team to contact in hours of urgent need and in times you want to make changes or inquire about a new installation. We serve all needs and do so in a professional and swift manner, at great rates. Whether it’s time for glass door repair or glass door installation, Scarborough residents may rely on us.

For Scarborough glass doors, replacement solutions

Glass Doors Scarborough

Scarborough glass doors that must be replaced are replaced fast. Let us take this opportunity to point out that our team specializes in interior and exterior glass doors. Whichever one of your glass doors must be replaced, you can count on our team. A pro measures when it’s suitable for you and you get glazing solutions based on your needs. Should we talk about frame materials, glass choices, privacy concerns, energy efficiency solutions, and security requirements? Whether you want an interior swing glass door replaced or a patio sliding glass door installed, you get consultation, quotation, and matching solutions as fast as you want it. You also get tip-top service.

New glass door installation services

The process of finding glass doors for a new installation is similar to that of replacement services. We send pros to inspect the structure, keep notes of the security and thermal efficiency requirements, offer an estimate and consultation, and measure.

You are supplied with quality exterior or interior glass doors with the features you want and the aesthetics you adore. Should we give you a few examples?

  •          French doors
  •          Sliding patio doors
  •          Interior swing doors
  •          Sliding telescopic glass doors
  •          Bypass patio doors
  •          Single or double swing patio doors
  •          Front glass doors

Whether you remodel or will soon move, you may need glass door installation. Front doors often have glass elements or a large part of the door is made of glass. Interior doors may be made of frost glass or glass with decorative inserts. They may slide or swing, and have one or more panels.

Patio doors may also swing or slide, and have as many panels as required. The difference here is that they also have triple glazing or double glazing, a strong frame, suitable locks, and all features needed for good thermal insulation, noise reduction, and good protection. And all such great qualities are reinforced by the tip-top glass door installation, Scarborough’s best service.

Swing and sliding glass door repair services

If you are not looking for glass door installers right now, you likely want a problem fixed. Don’t worry. Our team is available for door repair services, glass replacement included. Is the glass of a hinged door broken? Do you want a swing glass door replaced? Want to discuss a sliding glass door installation project?

Contact our company without hesitation. Reach us to get a quotation, ask questions, make an appointment, and book any service needed on glass doors in Scarborough.