Door Installation

What makes our company the very best choice for door installation in Scarborough, Ontario? Our overall professionalism. The way we approach all projects. The trio: fair rates, exceptional installation, quality doors.

Trust Windows & Doors Scarborough once and you’ll see. We’ll become your lifetime partner. It’s not just our knowledge that makes a difference; it’s also our commitment to our business, trade, clientele. Doors are fundamental structural elements. Don’t you want to own the best possible? To use them without concerns? To enjoy their protection and beauty? Trust our team with your house doors installation project in Scarborough and enjoy all the benefits to the utmost.

Interior and exterior door installation Scarborough services

Door Installation Scarborough

Relying on an experienced door installation Scarborough company, ready to provide solutions for all parts of the house, is paramount. Let us show you how things are done with us and why our team can be trusted with such projects.

  •          Exterior doors installation

Do you want back or front door installation? Perhaps, you need side or patio doors installed? Maybe, you want to install doors to all main entry points at your home? Relax knowing that we offer door solutions to meet all security and aesthetic needs. We always take into consideration the space available, the climate, the structure and possible peculiarities – all things related to the project. High-risk doors should be strong, resistant, of perfect size, beautiful. That’s the least of things you get from our company along with exceptional customer service and even more exceptional door installers.

  •          Interior doors installation

The pocket door at your kitchen or the French doors at the home office are not high-risk entry points, but they must still work smoothly, close firmly, meet your interior style. We still send pros to measure and see what you need. And we still go all out to ensure you get the ideal hinged, barn, or sliding door for your home. Naturally, all internal doors are installed by their specs, to a T.

Want brand-new house doors installed? Or some doors replaced?

Our team will be proud to serve whether you want a new door installation or a replacement service. We’d all agree that doors age, get old and worn. Sometimes, it’s best to have the worn bathroom door replaced than compromising your privacy. As for high-risk doors, it’s important to replace them when they get old and damaged. Or when they lack the features which will ensure higher security and resistance.

All the same, this might be a new home. Or a remodel that would include the complete removal of the existing doors and the installation of new doors. We want to tell you this: worry about nothing. We undertake all these projects and always do so with ultimate professionalism, ensuring you get the door you want and need, the job done to a T. Should we start with your free door installation Scarborough estimate? Make contact with us and let’s focus on that first.